The gospel also calls us to be a part of God’s mission. Just as God seeks to glorify himself through redeeming worshipers and restoring his good creation, we will seek to glorify him by declaring and displaying the gospel in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and social networks. This means that every member of Redemption Hill will live like a missionary by striving to make disciples of all nations. We will also labor sacrificially for the good of our city and the world by engaging in deeds of mercy. Ultimately, we desire to play our part in God’s mission of redemption by planting churches from Spencer County to the ends of the earth.

Because the gospel also calls us to be a part of God’s mission of redemption:

  • We will live like missionaries in our community by seeking to make disciples who make disciples through consistently displaying and declaring the gospel.
  • We will steward our time, talents, finances, and spiritual gifts to help further the mission of God through the church. This includes regular financial giving to the ministry of our church as well as regular use of our spiritual gifts in serving the life of our church.
  • We will pray for the community of Spencer County, the Louisville Metro area, the state of Kentucky, the United States, and the world, and to seek their good by engaging in deeds of mercy and kindness.
  • We will, when we leave this fellowship, as soon as possible, unite with another church where we can carry out the spirit of this covenant and the principles of God’s Word.